A Praying Life –– A Book Review

Paul Miller’s A Praying Life is a Five-Star practical guide to establishing, or reestablishing, or simply improving the prayerful devotional life of a Christian who is committed to conversational intimacy with the Almighty God.

I loved this book. I listened to it on audiobook and I will definitely re-read it in paperback. This one is earmarked for future use in our Community Group that meets weekly in our home. SeeJesus.net has a wealth of A Praying Life related video and training materials for small groups (or whole church) discussion.

Like he does in his Love Walked Among Us, in A Praying Life, Paul weaves the 34 chapters with practical stories from his family and ministry life and his decades of prayer and commitment to the pursuit of Christlikeness. He visits the theme of his J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday life.

As with all of Paul’s books that I’ve read, this book is written in the easiest-possible language – it is completely non-technical. Additionally, the audiobook version is expertly and elegantly read by the narrator, Arthur Morey.

This book is a great practical primer for anyone starting the journey or a life of prayer, a life indicative of all committed followers of Jesus Christ. But it is so much more than a primer. Beyond practical ways to live-out the spiritual discipline (such as the prayer card system and journalling that Paul uses), he dives deep in the heart transformation the is necessary for prayerful life and is the product of a genuinely committed prayerful life. Does that sound like work? Chapter 8 – Bending Your Heart to Your Father. Chapter 10L Following Jesus out of Cynicism. Chapter 18: Surrender Completely. Chapter 31: Listening to God. Well, yes, it is – but it is joyous work.

This one is on my Must Read List for all who are learning daily from Jesus how to live our lives as He would live our lives if He were you or me.

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A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World, by Paul Miller, NavPress, 2009 & 2017, $13.98

Buy your copy on SeeJesus.net, ChristianBook.com, or Amazon.com


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